McCartney Foundation

The McCartney Foundation Legacy

Explore the McCartney Foundation's journey in supporting the Surfcoast community - a legacy of service and support rooted in over 70 years of commitment.

Our Deep Roots in Community Service

For over 70 years, McCartney Real Estate has been a pivotal force in shaping the local community, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to service beyond real estate. As foundation members of sporting groups, Apex, and numerous committees, our involvement has been instrumental in building a strong community fabric. This legacy of community service, a passion of the McCartney family since establishing the business in 1952, found a new avenue in 2015 with the formation of the McCartney Foundation.

Empowering the Surfcoast: Our Foundation's Impact

The McCartney Foundation is not just an extension of our business; it is the heart of our community engagement. It represents the ethos of giving back, a principle deeply ingrained in our identity. More than just providing financial support, the foundation fosters a sense of unity and collective responsibility within the Surfcoast. From sponsoring cultural events and supporting local sports teams to aiding in community development projects, the foundation’s activities are diverse and impactful. Furthermore, a portion of our professional fees from each property sale is donated to the foundation, ensuring that our clients are also part of this meaningful journey. Through these endeavors, the McCartney Foundation stands as a cornerstone in the community, reflecting our commitment to not just serve but enrich the lives of those around us.

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